Additives for concrete and
production of structural mixes

Chemical additives for construction materials: paints, primers, putty, fire bio-protective compositions

Chemicals for leather
production and tanning

Strengthening of leather protein structure by creating bonds between peptide chains

Chemicals for paints, varnishes
and adhesives production

Chemical additives, connecting elements and pigments
  • We work directly with manufacturer factories

  • Fast delivery throughout Europe and CIS countries

  • High quality, individual approach to every client

Industrial chemicals and food additives from company APE export

Chemicals and food additives wholesale trade on uncompromisingly better supply conditions for wholesale customers, industrial enterprises, factories and plants from Europe and CIS countries.

Currently, various sectors work for the raw material base for modern chemical production, thus resulting in a large range of materials for chemical processes used in both chemical industry and in separate chemical processes, which are applied in the production technological processes in other spheres of human activity from agriculture to aviation industry.

Chemical additives for construction materials
Chemicals for leather production and tanning
Chemicals for paints, varnishes and adhesives production

Direct deliveries from
the manufacturer's plant

All chemical additives and elements are delivered from manufacturer's plants
guaranteeing high quality and the best price on industrial chemistry.

Wholesale trade of industrial chemistry and chemical additives. Always stable and favorable prices. Delivery from a warehouse in Latvia allows organizing convenient and fast delivery of the necessary raw materials across Europe and CIS countries.

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